Accufile has the best prices online guaranteed!
We do all the work for you

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File Tax Returns

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Accufile has the best prices online guaranteed!

Our Personal Tax Returns rate are top in Canada

Our Certified Accountants and Professional Tax Preparers do all the work for you. Our regular personal returns are only $25. A price many cannot beat.

Yes we only have two additional fees for a personal return for Rental Property’s and Employment Expenses. These additional services can cost you upwards of $140 at other companies.

Accufile prices cannot be matched!

Personal Return Prices
Basic Personal Return $25
Rental Property $25 additional
Employment Expenses $25 additional

Business Return Prices
Business Tax Return $75
Partnership Business Each $75
Sole Proprietorship $75
(Please note that these prices are not Corporate Tax Return Prices) File Business Tax Now
Our Business Section is easy to use!

Filing your business taxes online have never been easier. Our forms are simple to use and good to navigate.

After you submit your numbers, our Accountants continue to work with you throughout the tax process.

We make sure your business return is fully optimized for expenses as well as we make sure you are within good CRA Margins.

Our Corporate Tax Returns are only $200

Our corporate tax returns are very affordable with this low rate of $200. Many clients ask why we charge so low. The reason being is that many people in Canada incorporate but just cannot afford to file.

With this fee you will receive your Corporate Tax completed By our Corporate Tax Specialists and as well we file the return with the CRA.

We also help you with GST / HST / PST, Source Deductions and as well your Annual Report.

Corporate Tax Return Prices
Corporate Tax Return
(Including GST/HST Filing)
PST Filing $25 additional
Annual Report $70