Data encryption - Accufile
Data Encryption

Accufile works very hard in safeguarding your information. We are EFILE Certified. In order to have this certification we need to have our secure features approved by the CRA.

Our IT Specialists are keeping your data safe daily so that you can feel secure when filing.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Accufile makes sure your account is fully secure by our authentication program.

Your single password along with confirmation by your emai is what keep keeps us ahead of the curve

Get your refund faster with Accufile!

Server Encryption - Accufile
Server Encryption

Accufile uses the same level of encrypted servers as the banks do. We take all measures that are needed to make sure your filing is safe and secure.

Our Server's are fast and very secure. Your information is saved in our database then erased once our process is complete.