2019 Alberta Income Tax Calculator

Accufile’s Alberta Income Tax Calculator quickly estimates your taxes for federal and provincial tax rates.

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These calculations are only an approximation to give you an idea what your tax return will be before all your deductions. Note that there are at least 300 deductions that we can help you find with our Certified Accountants.

Tax Calculator Rates are up to date

Accufile’s Alberta Income Tax Calculator provides our clients with a basic overview of federal and provincial tax. You may use your personal income on this calculator as well you may also estimate your business tax information as well.

Our Alberta Income Tax Calculator also determines your credits

The calculations displayed above also includes your non refundable tax credits, your basic personal amount, CPP/QPP and EI Premiums, as well as the Alberta Employment Amount.

There are over 300 deductions available to you

Our state of the art tax program will enable you to not miss a deduction. The use of our Algorythm along with Certified Accountants and Tax Preparers, we are able to help you find the money that you deserve. Our Personal Tax Returns are only $25. Many people feel that their returns are basic. Remember your return is basic if you make it basic. Accufile is here to show you that there are many deductions that you can implement on your tax return.

Our Income Tax Calculator is a simple tool to help with a basic calculation

With our easy to use Tax Calculator you are able to estimate your tax based on your province. Tax province is chosen by where you lived as of December 31. Please choose your province based on your address as of that date. Your refund is always higher when you use Accufile’s Accountants. Start your return here.

You will receive your tax return from Accufile the same day!

Our response time is immediate when you file with our Accountants. After inputting your information in our start your return section, you will be responded to immediately with information on your return and all the deductions we can give. In addition to time, our process is fully accurate. Each and every return is looked over by 3 different Accountants and Tax Preparers. In addition, our algorithm will also ensure that everything is entered with perfect accuracy.