Auto-Fill My Return | Never Miss a Slip on your Taxes

Have you ever had trouble tracking down your slips to file your tax return?  Has any of your employers or investment banks not mailed you a slip on time for tax season?  These are very common problems among a majority of Canadians filing taxes.  These issues can cause many headaches and penalties when you miss these very important slips on your tax return.  Take advantage of Auto-Fill My Return.  

What is Auto-fill My Return?

Auto-fill my return is a very secure Canada Revenue Service that allows all individuals and tax professionals to be able to receive all the slips you have on file.  These slips include all T4’s, investment slips, RRSP’s, school credits etc.  No longer are the days of waiting for your slips in the mail.  You can receive all your slips online immediately.  

Auto-fill is free when you are using Accufile

Accufile offers all of our clients free access to this service.  Just a quick sign up and you are on your way to filing taxes the easiest way on the planet.  It is important for all of our customers to have this service as it helps us and you be able to have all records for when we file your return.  No more guessing, and no more frustration.  File accurately when you use this service with Accufile.  

How to sign up for Auto-Fill

  • Sign in or register into your CRA My Account
  • Once you are logged in, go to personal profile
  • Then go to Authorize Representative on the right under related services , then manage authorized representative

Note:  That in order for us to be able to access your slips on file, we will need to be a rep on your cra account.

  • Enter for Business:  Accufile, then enter the Rep ID number:  824632822
  • Choose Level 2 access, so that we can download slips if we need to
  • This will then register right away. Once done let us know at [email protected]


File taxes with our Online Accountants!  Personal Returns $25, Business Returns $75, Corporate Returns $200


What years qualify for Auto-fill My Return?

The only years that CRA allows for Auto-Fill are 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and onward.  All years before you would need to locate your slips if you don't have them in order to file.  One of the best ways to retrieve your slips is to call the CRA at 1-800-959-8281.  They can either tell you the numbers over the phone with the box codes, or have them mail your missing slips out to you.  

Why is it important for me to set up Auto-Fill?

Every year many Canadians miss slips on their tax returns when they file.  This could be due to an employer not sending you the slip, or the investment bank not issuing you your T3, or T5 on time.  There are many ways that can have us miss something on the return.  It is very important that you have all your slips available for when you file your return. The CRA can issue you penalties each year as well as they can charge you interest when they reassess your tax return.  In addition, the CRA have been known to charge you an ultimate penalty if you miss slips for 3 straight years.  So be very careful and please save your tax returns by using Auto-Fill My Return.

Every year many Canadians are missing slips on their Tax Returns  

Other Benefits

Besides losing slips, or not having your slips properly mailed to you, there are other reasons as well why you should use the Auto-Fill feature:

  • Minimize the chance of typing errors
  • Carry Forward past amounts for tuition, capital losses etc
  • RRSP deduction limit, past RRSP contributions
  • Amended slips received instantly
  • Save yourself money and time
  • Reduce headache and extra CRA correspondence


Security is very important with the CRA

The CRA first started this service with security in mind.  Only Certified Tax Professionals that are fully approved by the Canada Revenue Agency and are allowed to use this service.  Auto-Fill My Return can only be attained by a tax professional you designate for this service.  The CRA populates your information on your tax return with Accufile so that we can make sure we have all the required information to help you file.  

Here is a list of all slips that can be acquired from Auto-Fill

  • T3, Statement of Trust Income Allocations and Designations
  • T4, Statement of Remuneration Paid
  • T4A, Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income
  • T4A(OAS), Statement of Old Age Security
  • T4A(P), Statement of Canada Pension Plan Benefits
  • T4E, Statement of Employment Insurance and Other Benefits
  • T4RIF, Statement of Income from a Registered Retirement Income Fund
  • T4RSP, Statement of Registered Retirement Savings Plan Income
  • T5, Statement of Investment Income
  • T5007, Statement of Benefits
  • T5008, Statement of Securities Transactions
  • RC62, Universal Child Care Benefit Statement
  • RC210, Working Income Tax Benefit Advance Payments Statement
  • Registered retirement savings plan contribution receipt
  • PRPP, Pooled registered pension plan
  • T1204, Government Service Contract Payments


Accufile is here to help

Take advantage of our online Tax Professionals today!  Personal Tax Returns $25, Business Tax Returns $75, Corporate Tax Returns $200.  Our Accountants will receive all your information and will add all deductions that apply to you in order to maximize your tax return.  


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