How To Receive Your T4 Online | Requesting Your T4 From The CRA

Many Tax Filers are in urgent need of receiving their T4 online.  Whether it is to gain a copy for personal records, retrieve your T4 for tax filing, and or showing proof of income to your bank for loans and or mortgages.  The T4 is a very important tax document as it lays out your income that was earned from your employer.  Total income, Tax, CPP, and EI will all be displayed on your T4.  This information is very important when navigating through your financial path.  As a result, there are many reasons to get a copy of your T4.  This article here will explain all the easy ways to receive your T4 online as well extra tips on tax filing.


How Can I Get My T4 by Paper and or Online

There are a number of ways that you can receive your T4 by paper and or your T4 online. 

The Fastest way to receive your T4 is to have your employer forward you another copy.  This can be done by them emailing you a copy and or mailing you your slip.  Both ways work fine as long as you have at least a picture of your T4.  As well, don't forget it is your employers legal obligation to have your T4 in your hands before the end of February just after the fiscal year. 

The other way to receive your T4 online is to retrieve this from your MY CRA Account.  This account is an online account that will allow you to access your information.  You will need to be registered for this account with The Canada Revenue Agency.  We have a great article on how to get registered here in case you have not done so.  Once you are registered and able to login, you will be able to go in and see all your T4's that you may have had in your tax year.  In addition, you will be able to find other tax slips for this year and other years as well.

If you are not able to receive your T4 from your employer and or from your account online, you may also call The Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-8281.  They will be able to mail your T4 to you so that you have a copy.  Be aware though that mailing can take a couple of weeks.  This is most likely the slowest way to receive your information.

The final way in being able to receive your T4 is though Accufile.  Yes that is right, we have the ability to be able to download your slips when we file your tax return.  So take advantage of our personal tax filing system for only $25 per person.  If you have any questions in regards to filing taxes and or your T4 online, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


So to recap the different ways of receiving your T4 Online:

  • Contact your employer as they can email, mail, or hand you a copy of your T4
  • Log in and or register for your MY CRA Account in order to receive your T4 online
  • Call The Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-8281 to have them mail you a copy
  • Contact us at Accufile as we can retrieve your T4 while filing your tax return


Can I Receive My T4 online When I Use Autofill?

Yes when you file your taxes with Accufile we will be able to use autofill and receive all your different tax slips including the T4.  This can be done over our program online, basically you are reading this on our website and you can just go to the front page to get started.  We will need all your important information correctly entered so that we can retrieve your T4 and other important slips you need.  


Here are a list of other slips that we can retrieve by using Autofill:

  • T4, T3, T5, T4A, T4A(OAS), T4AP, T4RIF, T4E, T5007, T5008 and many more
  • RRSP Contributions, TFSA Limits
  • CERB slips, EI slips
  • Benefit slips, Pension slips


Autofill is a great way to doing your tax return.  This system created by The Canada Revenue Agency has revolutionized the tax filing process.  However one important tip to note is that not all slips can be downloaded using autofill.  There are a few drawbacks when using autofill.  That is why if you do use autofill through TurboTax etc it is always best to use one of our Accountants online to help guide you through the process.  

The biggest example is say you are filing your taxes mid February.  Well some of your slips have not been listed on the CRA website yet from employers and or banks.  What happens is you go online and file your tax return using TurboTax and autofill and not all slips will be there.  So you file and then the CRA comes back with a penalty for missing items.  That is why we always recommend filing with Certified Accountants especially at Accufile as we can help reduce this error.  Our process is very easy as you enter your information on our website and an Accountant does the return for you for as low as $25.


Conclusion of Receiving Your T4 Online

As we can see above there are many ways in retrieving your T4 online.  Each way comes with their own advantages and disadvantages.  Disadvantages can be waiting for the CRA to mail you your T4, and or waiting for employer to send you the T4.  We always recommend filing and using autofill with certified accountants as that is the fastest way to retrieve your T4 online.


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