How to do a CRA address change

Many people in Canada daily seek how to do a CRA address change.  It is very important to always keep your address up to date with the CRA, as they may send many important notices that you will want to stay on top of.  As a result, most of the reasons have to do with receiving your refund on time, correspondence with the CRA, notice of assessments, etc. 

Here are the top 5 ways of making your CRA Address Change:

  • You can do an address change by logging into your CRA My Account.    
  • The second way is by calling the CRA at 1-800-959-8281. 

This is for personal address changes.  The CRA is usually busy during the lunch hours, so it is usually best to call them after 3pm.

  • You can also make a change by filing your tax return with us. 

We can set your new address when you are filing and updating your new address on our forms.

  • You may also file by mail or by fax. 

Complete a RC 325 (Address change request) and send this by fax or mail to the CRA.

Always keep your account up to date with the CRA

A lot of the time we find that our clients are looking for copies of their notice of assessments that are being sent to an old address.  Or they are missing past GST Payments and are looking to retrieve their older cheques.  Therefore, we help keep our customers up to date by allowing them to make an address change with us and on their returns.

Accufile is here to help

See how we can start an account and keep your address updated with Accufile.  We are very happy to provide many free services and free value for our customers.  As a result, it helps for us to keep you updated and on top of your tax situations.  If you are looking to file your return with Accufile, please check out our Personal Tax Returns for $25, Business Tax Returns for $75, and Corporate Tax Returns for $200.  Filing with our online tax accountants cannot be any easier.


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