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During today’s world there are so many items for us to watch out for.  Spam and fake Emails, advertising phone calls, false phone calls etc from sometimes it seems too much.   In Canada today many of us have seen that there are fraudulent calls pretending to be the CRA as well as emails coming into our inbox.  In this article we are going to list all the different scams in Canada in regards to the CRA so that you can be well prepared.

Scam phone calls pretending to be the CRA |

There have been many reports on the news and of course evidence on our phones that an organization is calling many Canadian citizens and pretending to be the CRA.  They ask for personal information such as your sin number and birth date to try and verify who you are.  Unfortunately these are fraudulent calls looking to attain your identity.  Be very aware as the CRA ( always provides important information before they require you to give any information back. They will give their CRA ID Number as well as information on you before they even begin to ask you critical information.  Always write down their ID number so that you can always call them back to verify with the Canada Revenue Agency that they are a legitimate agent.

Be aware for attempts to threaten you to make tax payments

Yes we know that many of these fake agents can be convincing at times.  There are many people out there that have fallen for these scams.  They will threaten and tell you that you are owing money on your tax return etc and demand for you to meet them to pay.  Be careful of threats using words like “criminal” “jail time” “lawyer” etc. Make sure that you know this is not how the CRA operates.  There are no threats and as well payment is always done a secure way through their website.  Not a meeting and certainly not credit card over the phone. A great indication to know if you are owing is to login into your my cra account.  Or better yet check your notice of assessment that you received in the mail.  Also give the cra a call at 1-800-959-8281 to determine if there is a balance owing.  But never meet with anyone or give any kind of credit card information over the phone.

These false CRA agents may also try to use email as a scam

These email scams are usually called fishing scams.  They send you an email saying your tax refund is ready and for you to click the link and enter your bank information to collect your money.  Other ways is to get into contact with you by email and start a conversation and then eventually trying to get you to pay. An example of an email can be From: refund-tax® complete.request19f–5pIR–4BicP–PEeu–[email protected]   There are many other examples of emails out there as well.  Just note that if you are used to receiving your notice of assessment by mail, then they will only contact you by mail.  If you are set up for email copy then be very careful on making sure that the email comes from the CRA. In addition, they also use a link like a portal to have you link to their phony CRA website.  Do not click any links and do not input once again any information at all.

Always be up to date (

There are many other ways that false CRA agents are trying to scam you for money.  So be very careful when opening emails that you are unsure of or receiving phone calls that you are not familiar with.  There have been reports that the RCMP have caught a few of these scammers but there are still more out there.  All our clients at Accufile are always letting us know the new scams that have been tried.  We are trying to keep up to date so that we can keep our clients safe and away from these fraudsters. If at any time you are uncertain with any kind of correspondence, let us know immediately.  We are always here to help and will give you the best information that you need to make the right step forward.    


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