CRA Login | How to register a CRA My Account in 2020

CRA Login Service is a great way to keep on top of your CRA correspondence.  In this how to guide, we will cover on how to register for a CRA My Account, how to login into your existing account, and as well the benefits behind it all. With this account you are able to log into your CRA individual and business account to view notices, employment slips, assessments, RRSP deduction limits, and of course your GST filing.  See our easy guide below so that you can take advantage of your account today!

How do I register for a CRA My Account?

Registering for a CRA My Account is very easy.  You will just need a few items with you to start:

  • You full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Your Postal Code
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Your two last tax returns

Once you have everything ready, you may click this link to start here. There are two options on the Canada Revenue website for registering for your CRA Account.  In order to register please follow our detailed steps with images below.

Step 1:    Scroll down till you see Option 2.  Click on CRA Register


Step 2:  You will need to enter your Sin Number

Step 3:  Enter your postal code, birth date, & information from your return

Step 4:  The CRA will then mail you an access code within 10 days

Step 5:  Confirm your postal code and then click next

Step 6:  Make a User ID, Password, Confirm Password, then click next

Step 7:  You will need to make security questions and answers

Step 8:  Agree to the terms and conditions

Once you have completed the steps of your CRA Login, you will receive a letter from the CRA in the mail within 10 days with your security code.  When you receive your code, you can log into your CRA My Account using your CRA username and Password that you have set above in the steps.  When prompted enter the security code you were given in that letter.  Make sure to do this process as soon as you can as that code will expire.  You are now free to use and access your My CRA Account.

Second Option for Registering for your CRA Login

There is a second option for registering for your CRA Login. This step is through the Sign-In Partner button.  Click on the link here to begin your registration.

Step 1:  Click Sign-In Partner Login / Registration

Step 2:  Login to your online banking using this as verification

Using your online banking details is a great way how the CRA can verify it is you.  Yes it is very interesting how they use this method, but it is very secure in their verification as well as secure in your input of information.

Step 3:  Enter your Sin Number, Date of Birth, Current Postal Code

This next step you will need to enter are your details such as your Social Insurance Number, Date of Birth, and Postal Code.  Once you have completed this step you can then go on and use your CRA My Account.

What if i have forgotten my CRA Username and Password?

If you have forgotten only your CRA username you wont be able to login.  Unfortunately the CRA forces you to register all over again.  They use this method to make sure that your information is secure in their system.  If you have only forgotten your CRA Password, you will be directed to a series of questions that you will need to answer.  Once you have successfully answered these questions, the CRA Login will allow you to reset your password.

What are the benefits of having a CRA Login?

A CRA Login has many benefits when you register online.  One of the main items that came up this 2020 season was the ability to apply for CERB  (Canada Emergency Response).  Many people were not registered yet online with the CRA, and there was a mad rush to register so that they could apply and claim their CERB payments. In addition to collecting CERB, a CRA My Account is very useful in finding important information about your previous tax returns.  You are able to view your previous assessments, make changes to past returns, and as well view all your latest notices and letters from the CRA.

Accufile is here to help when it comes to your registration

Don't leave your registration with your CRA Login too late.  It is important to stay on top of all your tax returns and notices from the CRA.  We are here to help all of our clients with free tax advice so take advantage of this today.  In addition we do file Personal Tax Returns for $25, Business Tax Returns for $75 and Corporate Tax Returns starting at $200.


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