Filing taxes online can be daunting at times as we don’t know always know what program to choose or whether we decide we may need help filing.  Lets face it many of us come across these questions each tax season.  One major question that some ask what is the difference between filing with CRA NETFILE compared to filing by EFILE.  In this article we are going to clear up what each one is and what one is more beneficial for you.


NETFILE is a service to help you transmit your tax return to the Canada Revenue Agency.  Many online “help yourself” tax services use NETFILE.  Before NETFILE many used to file taxes by paper and mail in their returns and the process was much slower.  However today NETFILE allows the filer to send in their tax return within seconds to the Canada Revenue Agency.  This allows you to receive your assessment faster and be able to speed up the refund process.  Only do it yourself programs use this service.

NETFILE is great however is there something better?

What is EFILE?

EFILE is a service that allows Certified Accountants transmit your tax return to the CRA.  All Certified Accountants and Professional Tax Preparers use EFILE to process your returns online.  When you have a EFILE Certified Tax Service, you are using their reputation when filing your returns.  Everything you submit through them will have their business name and number on your return.  This is a great benefit as the CRA knows that your return is coming from a reputable business.  All EFILE certified companies go through a tough screening process to ensure your returns are done by CRA Certified Professionals.

What are the difference between CRA NETFILE and EFILE?

Both ways of filing of course will transmit your tax return to the Canada Revenue Agency.  However EFILE has many extra benefits when filing your return.  NETFILE again is only YOU processing your tax return to the CRA.  When you use Certified Accountants they use EFILE and their reputation is on the line when filing your return.  EFILE has all the credentials of your tax filer and these credentials go with your return.  Therefore certified tax preparers need to make sure your return is completed accurately and sent in with very few errors.  NETFILE filing if you make a mistake it is on you for those mistakes and not your tax preparer. 

Accufile is a Certified EFILE Tax Processor

Accufile is a Certified EFILE tax processor.  We only use EFILE and that helps your return and refund come faster than any online service in Canada.  Some returns that we file have come in as little as 5 business days.   In addition, all the biggest Accounting Firms use EFILE.  Only turbotax, simpletax, ufile etc use NETFILE.   Choose Accufile and our online Tax Accountants.  Personal Tax Returns $25, Business Tax Returns $75, and Corporate Tax Returns $200.


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