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Finding your Line 10100 (previous line 101) on your tax return can be a bit confusing.  Before 2019 this line was called Line 101.  Today the Canada Revenue Agency changed all line numbers and now it is called Line 10100.  The income amount for this line number is generally used for trying to verify your account with the CRA.  Furthermore, this line is your employment income line number.

What is Line 101 (10100) on my tax return?

This line is generally your employment income line number.  Employment income is your total of employment income, salary, wages, tips, honorarium, and bonuses.  Many clients confuse this total with just their T4 income.  However, all these different income amounts can add to this line 101 (10100) on your Tax Return.

Where do i find Line 101 (10100) on my tax return?

If you have already filled out your tax return for 2019, you can typically find this line number on your summary page.  A summary page will give you totals of each line item that was used on your tax return.  If you are looking to find this line inside the tax return, you can look on the second page of the T1 General Form.  There you can find it under total income.  As a result, there is another way to find your Line 101 (10100) and that is on your Notice of Assessment.  If you do not have a copy of your assessment and are looking to register with the CRA to retrieve it, see our article written on how to register for an account.

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CRA Changes Line 101 to Line 10100

The Canada Revenue Agency made an adjustment to all line numbers on a tax return.  They used to be 3 digit numbers such as Line 101, and now have all changed to 5 digit numbers to Line 10100.  As a result, these changes were made due to the fact that new tax code line items will be added and there was a need for extra numbers.

Is Line 101 (10100) my total income?

No this line is not your total income on a tax return.  This line is only employment income and the items written above.  The total income on your tax return are found on line 15000.  This will be found at the bottom of the same section on your tax return summary or T1 General.

What is the difference between Line 10100 and 10400?

Line 10400 lists all other income that cannot be found on your T4 slip.  Items such as foreign income, tips, clergy housing allowance etc will be the total under line 10400.  In addition, there are other items that can be also found on the 10400:

  • Royalties
  • Sales Tax Rebates
  • Wage-Loss Replacement
  • Research Grants
  • Veteran Benefits

Line 10100 is different as it covers your employment income that can be found on your T4.  This is not considered as "other" income as it does with Line 10400.

Where is my total of employment income listed on my T4?

Your T4 slip has a box number called Box 14.  This amount on your T4 is your employment income.  Line 101 (10100) uses this number in the tax calculation.  However, if you have multiple T4's then your total of Box 14 on all slips will equal to Line 101 (10100).  In addition, if you have any questions in regards to these numbers, please do not hesitate to contact Accufile as we have an online chat that can help you with any questions you may have. Your total of Box 14 will also have some subtractions if you also have income in these other categories.  However, if you have wage loss, housing allowance, employment deductions etc, these can be added or subtracted from your box 14 on your T4.

Line 101 Tax Return 

This line item is always asked by the CRA.  However, when verifying your identity on the phone with them, they may ask for this line item along with Line 10400, 10500 etc.  In addition, Line 101 (10100) can also help you be verified when logging into your My CRA Account.  As a result, this line item is an essential part of your tax return and will be needed for many different inquiries.

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