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Important information below due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  It is very important to file all tax returns outstanding before registering for EI.  Much of the information that is needed needs to come from your 2019 Tax Return.

Accufile is here to help get you filed today for only $25.  Our certified accountants will help with your return and EI Login online.

This service is created by the government of Canada allows Canadians to access a variety of different information online.  My service canada account (EI Login) allows you to view your tax information slips, Employment Insurance information, Canada Pension Plan contribution statements and Old Age Security  (OAS).

How do I access My Service Canada Account | EI Login?

  • In order to access your my canada service account you will need to go to this link:  My Service Account – EI Login page
  • Continue to click the Sign-In Partner button
  • Choose your icon that you use for your bank.  Please note that choosing your bank account and entering in your details is a way the CRA can verify who you are.
  • Or you can also continue onward to click the GC Key button.
  • If you select the GC Key button, enter your username and your password

What if I am not registered yet for my EI login?

If you are not registered and you are looking to register for EI benefits please click here for EI benefits registration

  • Please read the eligibility criteria then click below to start.
  • Read the privacy notifications then click below to start the application

Once you are on the next page answer each question truthfully and honestly as registering for EI will have you pay back any EI collected if you give false information.

How does Employment Insurance affect my taxes?

Employment insurance is considered as taxable income.  Yes EI does take off tax when you are receiving the benefits, however the amount is usually 10%.  If you have any additional income before or after EI, this will be all calculated on your next tax return.  If you are in a higher tax bracket and your tax rate is 28%, then you will most likely have to pay additional tax for the EI income.  This is very common when it comes time to do your taxes.  Therefore the additional tax you will owe would be 28% - 10%.  18% would be the amount you would pay on the EI income you received for the year. 

Accufile is here to help

This affects many individuals as we have seen.  If you have any questions on this subject please do not hesitate to speak to us.  We offer free tax consultation if you are one of our clients.  Take advantage of our online Accountants and get started with Accufile today.  Personal Tax Returns $25, Business Tax Returns $75, and Corporate Tax Returns $200.


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