How To File A Tax Return Without Your T4 Slip |  Everything You Need To Know

Filing a tax return can be daunting when filing by yourself.  Many individuals may not have all slips on hand when they are ready to file and that can cause some extra headaches along the way.  The most common slip to lose is their official T4 slip.  The main question that many tax filers ask "Can you file your tax return without your T4 slip?"  This guide will give you all the answers you need for filing without your T4 slip, as well how to obtain your T4 if you need a copy.  


Can you file your tax return without your T4 slip?

The answer to this very common problem is a big YES!  You can still file your return without the T4 slip for sure.  However you do need the data that is on the T4 slip itself.  There are many ways on how to gather the information from your missing T4 slip.  Firstly, you can always use a service called Auto-Fill.  Many tax software providers and Certified Accountants are able to Auto-Fill your tax return when filing.  This process is simply downloading your T4 from your CRA account and automatically filling it on your tax form.  Accufile is able to do this for 100,000's of customers each year and the process is easier than you think. 

Another great way to obtaining your T4 information without your T4 slip is by calling The Canada Revenue Agency.  They will be able to tell you the numbers on your T4 slip over the phone.  However, make sure to write down every number and box number they give you.  Each number will come with a box number for example:  Box 14 $14,000.  There are many box numbers on a T4 so be sure to make sure the CRA gives you all of the numbers. The reason why the CRA would have this information is due to the fact your employer must provide them with a copy of your T4 before the end of February of the next calendar year.  

If you are still stuck and not able to retrieve the information on your T4, then it might be best to contact your employer.  They will be able to give you a fax, screen shot, text, or copy of your T4.  Once again the numbers are all that you need to file.  So as long as you have the digits from your T4 you are all set.  If your employer has not issued you a T4, please see the bottom of this article.

So in conclusion, your tax return does not need the slip itself, but only the numbers that are on the T4.  So it is a big yes to a very common question "Can you file a tax return without a T4 slip?"  The reason being is that when you file your tax return it is done electronically and no physical copy is needed.  The best way to file is to use NETFILE.  See our Article on the differences between EFILE and NETFILE.


Do I need all the numbers from my T4 slip?

Yes it is very important to have all numbers from your T4 slip.  Each number can change your return drastically, so it is important to gather all information to give your return an accurate assessment. Since the beginning of the pandemic The Canada Revenue Agency has issued a few more box numbers on your T4.  Boxes 57, 58, 59, and 60.  These can be found at the bottom of your T4 slip.  These amounts are typically already included in your Box 14 Employment Income.  Many have suggested that these extra boxes are not necessary to be entered, but we suggest to always enter all box numbers from your T4.


What if I have multiple T4's and I missing more than one?

The same idea above applies if you are missing more than one T4.  You will still need all numbers associated with each slip when you file.  Here is a break down again of how you can retrieve your information from your missing T4:

Try to use Auto-Fill when filing on your tax program or with Accufile

Call The Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-8281 to obtain the missing information

Contact your employer from where your T4 originated from

Contact Accufile as we have several different ways in helping you file without your T4 on hand


When should I expect my Employer to issue me my T4?

Your Employer legally must hand you your T4 in person, or by email before the deadline of the last day in February.  It is very important to receive this information on time.  If your Employer has not given you your T4 by this date you have the right to demand the document and or take it up with the Labour Board.  Most business do offer the T4 between January to end mid February.  So if it is January do not be frazzled if it is still not here. 

If you have finished working for your employer part way through the year.  They still have the legal obligation to give your T4 to you by end of February the following year.  For example, you finished your job October of 2021.  They do not have to give you a T4 until end of February 2022.  This will be in time for you to file your tax return by April 30 2022.


What if my Employer does not give me a T4?  Can you file a tax return without your T4 slip?

Many employers do not give out T4's to their employees.  There are a few reasons for this issue.  The first issue is that you could be listed as a "Contractor" or "Self Employed".  If you are working as a self employed individual then you will need to file your tax return as a business tax return.  If this is the case please contact Accufile as we are here to help you maximize your tax return.  Many don't realize but filing as a self employed individual is a great way to save money on tax.

If your employer just does not want to give you one at all, then this can lead to a legal issue.  Technically all employers should be issuing a T4.  If they refuse to give you a T4 then it is best to first contact the CRA about this issue.  Call 1-800-959-8281.  They can lead you to filing a complaint with the Labour Board and as well learning how to file without your T4.  Accufile is able to give you good advice when dealing with this error.  



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