Is your CRA Account Locked? Find out everything you need to know

Having your CRA Account Locked can be very frustrating when trying to access your information.  Even the smallest of mistakes such as entering your password or user ID wrong a few times can create your account to be locked.  In the more recent months, the Canada Revenue Agency locked out almost 1 million online accounts due to a precautionary cybersecurity measure.  So now that your CRA Account is Locked, can you still file a tax return without that information?  This article will touch base on how you can get your account back up and running along with answers to being able to file a tax return even though you cannot access your My CRA Account.

Is your CRA Account Locked? 

If you are reading this article you probably experienced having your CRA Account Locked.  This can come from a few different issues and or errors when trying to login.  One common way to have your account locked is by not being able to enter your password correctly when trying to retrieve your account.  If you forgot your account password then there is a way to still be able to retrieve it still.  Follow our article on CRA Password Reset to help retrieve your password.  The other way to locking your account is if you also don't remember your User ID when trying to log in.  Both these ways are very common among many tax filers when trying to access your account.  

More recently The Canada Revenue Agency has locked out about 1 million online accounts due to security issues this past spring.  Their major concern was that some of these tax filers had their accounts obtained by third parties.  So by locking out all user accounts, it forced many people to have to contact the CRA to reset their passwords and user ID's.  As of the time of this article, those accounts are now all in the clear and solved.  If you have any issues in regards to your CRA Account Locked, let us know as Accufile is here to help.


What do I do to get my CRA Account Unlocked?

If your account is now locked from too many attempts to use your password and or user ID, the first recommendation by the CRA is to call them at 1-800-959-8281. They will be able to set you up with a new password to help you be able to reset and be able to log back into your account.

The other way in being able to log back in that many do not know is by using your BC Services Card details.  Of course this is only for British Columbians, but they have the ability to use their card information to be able to log back in.  

The third way that is very common is by logging in through your bank details.  Yes many think it is very strange that the CRA uses your bank login details to verify you.  However this is a very secure way of keeping your identity secure as you and only you know your account details.  When the Canada Revenue Agency directs you after your CRA Account Locked efforts are not working, choose the Sign In partner Login / Register in order to use your banking details to verify your identity.

During this time they will mail you a new unique password that you can use to get back into the system.  Yes the mail can be time consuming and can take approximately 10 days.


Can I file my tax return without logging into My CRA Account?

There are many ways you can still file a tax return without your information.  You may contact Accufile to have us file the return for you as we will be able to retrieve the important information we need to file your return.  We have the ability to request authority to access your account and as well be able to use the Auto-fill service.  Once we begin your tax return we will be able to complete using the information we need on file.  Take advantage of our online Certified Accountants today for only $25 per personal return.


How do I keep my information secure for the future?

Once you have your account back up after your CRA Account Locked, you will want to take certain measures to make sure that this does not happen again.  Here is a list to help:


  • Set up pin for your MY CRA Account
  • Monitor your CRA Account closely for any changes etc
  • Create unique passwords and change them every few months
  • Install software that removes viruses and malware from your computer
  • Sign up for CRA email notifications so that you are notified regularly


Taking these type of measures will help you stay on top of your account and watch for any suspicious activity.  Also keep your passwords and user ID's in a safe place so that you can locate them in the event of not being able to login.  Loosing your login details and having your CRA Account Locked keeps you from obtaining very important information.  These are the benefits of using your My CRA Account:


  • Retrieving your Notice of Assessment for banks, and credit 
  • Knowing your RRSP limit for when you need to invest
  • Locating missing T4's on your account
  • Viewing if your tax return has been filed and assessed


There are many other very important reasons to have a My CRA Account.  Any questions related to your tax return or looking to file a tax return do not hesitate to contact Accufile as we can help you keep on top at an affordable price.


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